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Establishing 15 industrial projects

News Date : 2017-08-29

Establishing 15 industrial projects

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Tareq Qabeel, announced that 15 new industrial projects with investments of LE 3.4 billion have been completed. The necessary land is being allocated to enter into implementation within 41 industrial projects to be established soon with investments of LE 28 billion. With total investments of LE 11.5 billion in the food, engineering, chemical, metallurgical, textile, furniture, leather and medical industries. These projects are provided by investors from the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Germany, Kuwait, China, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

This came during a meeting between the minister and the leaders of the General Authority for Industrial Development, during which he discussed the plan to develop the work of the Authority during the next phase, within the framework of implementing the ministry's strategy for industrial development until 2020.

The minister said that the ministry is currently implementing an ambitious plan to promote and develop industrial investment, through a system to simplify procedures and provide industrial lands to investors. He pointed out that the factories opened during the fiscal year 2016-2017 amounted to 1573 factories on an area of ​​16.4 million square meters, With an annual production value of LE 86.3 billion and employing 52,000 workers in 24 governorates nationwide.

During the period from 2007 to 2015, 8,270 industrial projects were opened at a rate of 827 projects per year, he said, pointing out that the previous financial year achieved nearly double the average annual number of projects (1573) that was opened during those years.

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